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One Month Unemployed

The one month mark of the store being closed passed without any notice. We were among the second group of Book World Stores to close. It was a little sad to go back to my other old store and still find them open for another month. But they are closed too now. That era of my life is over. 
On another note, Unemployment stinks. I haven't had to worry about work for almost 8 years. Then to have to try to find work again is not fun. I have been lucky and found another job but it isn't full time. The fact that my employment history doesn't show all my skills has been frustrating since every job that I know I could do they won't even consider to interview me because I didn't complete my education and I haven't worked in that area specifically. 
Okay enough complaining.
I have been a reading maniac since my job ended. According to my Reading Challenge I have read 17 of my 75 books goal. That is crazy! But when you have as much time on your hands as I do …

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