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13 Ornaments on My Tree

I decorated my tree using nothing but woven paper birds and bows. It is so adorable!

A little under two weeks until Christmas. So much to do! So much to buy! So little replies to my resume and applications.

I think I'm only subsisting on denial. I don't think there would be any other way I would be still functioning in a rational manner while at work. Nothing like the realization that in about a month or less, I'll be without a job to really brighten the holiday mood.

Good news. I made cookies! Snickerdoodle. Yum!
Also good news. I get to go home for Christmas weekend!

On the reading front. I have now surpassed my book goal by 13 books. I have been really enjoying historical mysteries by Charles Todd and Jacqueline Winspear. It can be weird going back and forth from one story line to the other as one (Charles Todd) takes place during World War I and the other ten years after.

I'm also getting frustrated with the obvious love between two characters in the …

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